Assorted postings to newsgroups

These Web pages are not very informative about me or what I think. The good solution to this problem is to actually write some content, but that would take far too long, and I'm eager to use my cunning Web page upload system. So instead I've trawled through my huge lists of postings to mailing lists and newsgroups and picked out a few articles that might actually have been worth writing, and then assembled them here in mostly random order. Enjoy.

Most of the articles here are really old. I'd like to do a thorough update in my Copious Free Time...


Re: "Fetishes" Video alert
Annoyances about the way fetishism is covered in the media.
Re: Help me understand my girlfriend
What "reclaiming" words like "queer" means.
Find out everything you ever wanted to know about poly relationships!
...or SM relationships, or other interesting things. A guideline for people posting curious questions to poly newsgroups.
Bisexuality (WAS re a whole bunch of stuff)
The subject came up on uk.people.gothic and rather a lot was said about it by people who could have done with a bit more thought-before-speech, so I wrote my definitive answers to some all-too-frequently asked questions.
Re: Geraldo refuses to show Loving More episode
Why applauding whatever activists do isn't always the Right Thing.
Re: Culture: The Difference between Hedonism and WIITWD
Hedonism and pleasure are good things.
Re: Cosmetics and goths (WAS Re: Up on the watershed)
I explain some of what I see in gothdom to alt.polyamory.
Re: Slimelight People
Or, don't be nasty to the teenagers that gave the press what they wanted to hear.
Re: Re Cocaine and the scene was parties
Policy making is like computer programming. SM and drugs.
Re: Vanilla (was Normal!?!?!)
I avoid the term vanilla.

Crypto related

Re: Barrett modular reduction
An explanation of how to use Montgomery multiplication to speed up RSA implementations. I had a "flash of understanding" with this that the explanation in HAC didn't directly provide, so I hoped explaining it would help.
Re: Who will win in AES contest ??
A quick assessment of the various candidates for NIST's AES cipher contest. Update: Rijndael won; congrats to all.
SPKI applications of secure timestamps?
Some thoughts on uses for incorporating secure timestamps as part of the validity conditions of an SPKI certificate, particularly for organisations that can change leadership.
An alternative way to do 1-of-N certificates?
A proposal on how to insist on authorisation from more than one party in the Simple Public Key Infrastructure
Thoughts on Rivest's "Chaffing and Winnowing"
This was Ron Rivest's (of RSA fame) cute "encryption without encryption" scheme, designed mainly to annoy the US authorities.
Re: Schneier key stretching?
A quick explanation of what key stretching is, and why it should always be applied to passphrases.
Re: Block ciphers vs Stream Ciphers
Block ciphers are overused in my opinion, and often for bad reasons.
Re: Implementing ciphers question (specifically, twofish)
I answer an FAQ about Twofish implementation: what GF(2^8) looks like. Obviously the code presented here should only be used to build tables, if at all, since it's really slow.


Re: A question...
The question was "Who runs this newsgroup", in response to which I try to explain what politeness is and how it applies to the Net.
Re: Everything you ever wanted to know about Jesus, but were afraid to ask!
Why I describe myself as an atheist.
Attempts to excessively censor the Net.
Stereotypes of Internet users.
Re: Second Mindcraft Report?
NT 3 times faster than Linux? Maybe they misplaced a decimal point somewhere?
Re: Anyone else disgusted by how right wing the mood is here?
What symbols should you be allowed to wear at work?