Photo galleries

I've been taking tons of photos since I got my new digital camera. They aren't any good, but they might look like some people you know. They look like some people I know too, but in many cases the resemblance doesn't help me pin a name to a face, despite having chatted to them all evening/known them for years/slain their firstborn. At first, I thought about filling in the names I knew and leaving the others blank, but this plan means telling people which ones I know and which ones I don't.

So, now I have an alternative plan: you can tell me who's who. I've left all the photos with default titles for now, even the ones of me, and underneath each photo is a little box asking "who's in this photo?". You can fill it in with names or just rude comments, and when you press the "Tell me" button, your browser will swiftly dispatch your immortal words to me by email, along with a record of which picture you were commenting on. That way, even if I don't find out the names of any of the people I don't know, I at least get some amusing content for the Web pages.

The rather ingenious bit of Perl I used to generate these pages is available for download. You won't be able to make this work for you unless you're a fairly experienced Perl programmer, and you're running a Unix system with the netpbm tools installed.